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How to promote your business online

Leveraging the internet is your No 1 secret to promote your business online. You have to create content where the attention actually is. No one in the world really pays attention to billboards anymore when they are driving down the

How to learn digital marketing practically

To learn digital marketing practically, you just need your Laptop/Computer with a good internet connection and by applying the following techniques. 1) Choose a topic or niche you are passionate about & start your own blog or website using Word

How to market your product

Knowing how to market your product  relies on ‘how you communicate to prospective consumers’ always turn your message and offer into an emotional appeal. You’re not just selling jewellery, you’re selling status. You’re not selling hamburgers, you’re selling the experience

How to convert your instagram followers to customers

It’s not just enough to have larger followers on instagram, the goal is also to make sales, and that can only happen when you convert your followers to customers. Here are five useful tips to help you convert your instagram

essentials of social media marketing

Anything (be it products, services, brands, campaigns, social causes, contests) that is marketed i.e. sold, or promoted for awareness, action, purchase or publicity, using social media platforms is Social Media Marketing. This can be done by multiple ways like posting

how to retain your customers

Customers are the bedrock of any business. retaining your customers involves any activities and actions taken to ensure customers always come back for your product and services. Here are five useful tips on how to retain your customers. 1) Set