Positive Effect of Digital Marketing on your Business

Positive effect of digital marketing on your business

Positive effect of digital marketing on your business; Digital marketing has become a need for modern-day businesses, marketers can’t market their products without online existence. Most importantly, your competitors are online and are marketing at a larger scale to their targeted customers. So digital marketing affects businesses positively because it provides a playing field where […]

Small Scale Business Ideas

Positive effect of digital marketing on your business

Small scale business ideas – When you spend money to purchase a product or pay for a service at a privately owned local store, that money goes to pay a worker in your neighborhood, who, in turn, is likely to spend money at another neighborhood business. The more that small scale businesses leverage their potential […]


2 Approach to Marketing

  2 Approach to Marketing: These are approaches that help in making us stand out in marketing. Marketing is a great skill to make a business strong, dominant and profitable, when fully utilized. We have come to realize that there are just two (2) strategies to marketing and they include: 1). BRANDING 2). PAID ADVERTISING […]