Google My Business

Class Summary

Getting your business visible right, start with your NAP!

What does NAP means?

NAP is your Name, Address, and Phone Number. Google been the biggest internet giant made this possible by setting up a product called Google my business. This products enable you to place your business on Google Maps and Places.

Making it possible for users to find you, where they search for you.

Phone Numbers & emails of Target Audience

Class Summary

Finding a way to reach target customers is another important strategy of marketing. With this strategy, you can reach potential customers within your locality and beyond in a more personalized way.

Our experts at Xprexweb, have taken out time to put together a technology that can help you fetch the phone numbers and emails of your target audience for FREE! 

Social Media Optimization

Class Summary

When signing up on social media. The username is what differentiates your account from other users.

Getting a unique username for your brand is so vital.

When creating your brand profile online. Try as much to portray excellence by choose a uniform username across all social media platforms.

Content Strategy & Hashtag

Class Summary

When using social media, you can best communicate to your audience by being social.

Your content should be of two angles basically.

Your stories and your solution!.

Simple way to create content for your business is by using stories to communicate your brands solution to your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Class Summary

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the website visibility.

How do your pop up on Google based on the solution you are providing?

Now the primary factor of this, is knowing how keywords are used.

what are keywords?

Keywords are basically phrases that comes to our mind when we want to search for a piece of information online.

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