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At Xprexweb, we develop online presence with User-Friendly designs, that serve as an automation digital services system for your business and beyond that speaks the language of search engine, enabling your target audience connect to you.

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Brand Optimization on Search Engine

We will help register and verify your brand on Google.
As a start-up, you need to be visible, so when your audience searches for you, they can find you.
Also, we will Optimize your brand profile on Google to fit-in to the search of your audience.
Bring up, execute and manage digital marketing strategies to ride over your competitors on Google Business.

SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimization

We will help build, strong online visibility so you can be found by your Audience.
We will do in-depth research on your Industry and Competitors.
Identify what your audience is searching for.
Identify what is leading people to your competitor website or a specific page.
After our research, we will use relevant keywords to optimized your online presence, via On-Page SEO (If you have a website) and Off-page SEO, if you don’t have a website. Also, Build backlinks for your brand.
Also, use this information (Top Ranking keyword) for SEM (Search Engine Marketing), if you which to plug-in to paid Google Ad.
Our Investigation will also let us know the Age group that is searching for  relevant keywords in your industry and the device they mostly use.
This will give us more ideas, of how best to position any paid advertising in the future, either Display, Search or Social Media Ad. 
This service will definitely need a website.

Social Media Optimization digital services
Social Media Optimization

With the growing increase of users on Social Media, Optimization cannot be overlooked.
We will set up an outstanding Social Media profile, that will connect to your audience when searching for your brand, either of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Create Bio content that will give your audience a full idea of the solution you provide and ignite them to click on your CTA (Call to Action Button) or Link.
Give your audience access to vital information about your brand via Stories and Highlight
Share stories about your brand that will connect to your audience and ignite engagement.
Use relevant and trending hashtags to reach more of your audience organically on social media.

social media paid ad

Social Media Paid Ad

In this world of Negative effect on Algorithm, there is no alternative to  Sponsored Ad.
We at Xprexweb will run Paid Advert on relevant social media platforms per time, this will obviously increase the visibility of your brand digital services and ignite more leads, depending on the objective of the Ad at the time.
Ad will be set to the right demographics, behaviors, and interests.
We will also use this medium, to drive traffic to your website, collect data of your visitors so we can always be in-touch and re-market.

Data Analytics Insights

Data Analytics Insights

We will help you make smarter decisions when reaching your target market.
We will get current and active Phone Numbers and Emails of your Target Market, in any location(s) we and you (The company) agrees is best.
We will get 1000 Numbers and Emails per week (or More, but this will affect the below pricing)
Target Audience will be reached via email, Sms (or Cold Calling) at ₦4/Sms or ₦20/Call.

Restoration of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Acct

Google Business Restoration and Verification

Google Business for digital services

We've heard things like

Yetunde Oluwadare
Yetunde Oluwadare
14:29 13 Apr 20
I became aware of Xprexweb via a sponsored ad I came across on Instagram.I joined just for the heck of it but I must say, for a free training, I got really good value for my time & data plus, I love that they are a Nigerian Brand reaching out to help other Nigerian Brands.read more
Teny Thriller
Teny Thriller
20:15 30 Mar 20
Xpresweb has helped me fix my website. I never thought optimization and visibility was possible. My site only had one visitor a month, but now, I have daily visits. I can now proudly call myself a blogger.read more
Olamide Bello
Olamide Bello
14:15 30 Mar 20
This is great. Very detailed and I hope to learn more with time. Thank you xprexweb!
08:17 30 Mar 20
Knowing You for the first time has been a wonderful moment.. Thumbs up. 👍
Blessing Chukwudi
Blessing Chukwudi
22:09 11 Feb 20
Xprexweb is an amazing web services provider. Veryyyy patient with me while exposing me to new business adventures on the internet. You should try them too🙂👌
Moji  Kush
Moji Kush
11:00 28 Jan 20
Just first day of class I already i got to see a new way of getting greater visibility and prospects. Can’t wait for the remaining 4 classes. You guys do great 👍🏼
Ewaoba Lagos wife
Ewaoba Lagos wife
17:29 27 Jan 20
That are such a great help, and absolutely good at what they do, I am so happy I got to enjoy their service
Olamide Atolagbe
Olamide Atolagbe
17:18 23 Jan 20
I learned a lot especially google my business and SEO. Looking forward to joining the next class. Midela Couture.
14:28 22 Jan 20
Xprexweb are really good at what they need. Excellent service. Thumbs up
Aganyin Chick
Aganyin Chick
17:14 20 Jan 20
I experienced excellent service and customer satisfaction. I would definitely patronize you again.
Anita Ezennia
Anita Ezennia
05:42 20 Dec 19
Xperxweb is the best! at what they do. The customer experience is superb.
Jennifer Ugo
Jennifer Ugo
21:40 11 Dec 19
The class is going well. I’m learning a lot about optimising my business on Google
Nengi's Kitchen
Nengi’s Kitchen
18:47 29 Nov 19
This is the best web developer we have seen so far ,very conscientious and diligent, you can give them your job and go to sleep. Please keep up the good work!
Kunle Sadare
Kunle Sadare
14:21 25 Nov 19
Xprexweb developers are professional in their approach to work and produce quality designed websites with features that work. The tech support is great too. They come highly recommended.
18:52 11 Nov 19
Very insightful…and also very easy. Most people make it look so much of a too techie stuff but it’s really quite straight forward…Thanks
Chidera Okereke
Chidera Okereke
18:14 11 Nov 19
Thank you for the well detailed training I received today.you guys are the best
Tonia Omoz
Tonia Omoz
19:42 30 Oct 19
A well cultured and value driven company. They pay attention to details and their total quality management is top notch! Thank you Xprex web. My website is working optimally.
Lincoln Media
Lincoln Media
00:48 24 Sep 19
Xprexweb Media was able to get my website done perfectly using the brief descriptions I gave out to them. It was so amazing, thank you for giving me the best service.
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