Knowing how to market your product  relies on ‘how you communicate to prospective consumers’ always turn your message and offer into an emotional appeal. You’re not just selling jewellery, you’re selling status. You’re not selling hamburgers, you’re selling the experience of an unforgettable night out with business partners. You’re not selling Chinese watches; you’re selling designer mssen’s wear with a renegade touch.

Make the language of your message easily understood and make it about “your customers’. No, your customers don’t care how long you have been in business; they only care about getting their needs and wants met.

Use testimonials to your advantage. Come up with dramatic stories about your product, how it helped to solve a problem.

Demonstrate your product in USE, you can make short video clips Demand people to take ACTION. Without telling them exactly what to do, people won’t do it. Don’t just be like ”Here’s our new car model X” and then there’s crickets. No. You want to add Now pick up your phone, dial the toll-free number and get into our showroom for a test drive. The first 100 callers get a $50 coupon for gasoline, just for test driving our new model X!”


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