To learn digital marketing practically, you just need your Laptop/Computer with a good internet connection and by applying the following techniques.

1) Choose a topic or niche you are passionate about & start your own blog or website using Word Press.

3) Start learning about on page SEO techniques which mainly includes relevant content, targeting keywords to create an SEO Optimized Blog post.

4) Install the Google Analytics Tracking code on your Word Press website to see if you are getting some traffic to your blog. (This is how you will learn some SEO & Analytics which are a most important aspect of internet marketing).

5) Create a Facebook Page dedicated to your blog.

7) You can promote your blog using Google search campaigns by bidding on your keywords, display or re-marketing campaigns.

8) Now, you have to build your audience for your blog by adding a newsletter or subscribe option to your blog. You can also start affiliate marketing by promoting different products on your site.

9) Also, you can start affiliate marketing by promoting different products or services on your blog & you can earn commissions.

Do you also know making sales online is not a Rocket Science?

You are just two steps away

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