Leveraging the internet is your No 1 secret to promote your business online. You have to create content where the attention actually is. No one in the world really pays attention to billboards anymore when they are driving down the freeway. The stats are in, people spend 5 hours a day using their mobile devices. Here are a few tips on how to promote your business online

1) Use less automation when starting out (the Auto replies and the bots) sales is about people. You have to build relationships first

2) Use the right tool for the job. Where your audience is and what do they actually do?  Is email the best way to reach your audience? Is in-person interaction the best solution to create an experience for your brand? When is it the right time to use facebook, or influencers, or instagram?

3) Create contents; Produce and distribute contents about your product, text and videos, with your Smartphone, you can record a 2 minute clip of your products and share.

4)  Don’t always try to sell, you have the luxury of creating entertaining or neutral content as a channel to long term relationship. The content you produce doesn’t even need to be related to your product. You can post your favorite articles saying “these are the articles you need to read” You can post about the weather, the news, your users, yourself! As long as you are focused on bringing value to the end consumer, you are going to build reputation and relationship. these are few tips on how to promote your business online,

Do you also know making sales online is not a Rocket Science?

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