Online Visibility Made Simple: A Step 2 Step Guide

In Online Visibility –You’ve got to find a way to make people know you are there – Nikki Giovanni 

Do you know what online visibility will do for your business?

Well, if you are ready to increase your sales and dominate your industry online, you should be eager to know this!

And you know what?

I’m here to help you through on everything you need to know about online visibility for your business/ brand.

The power of visibility can never be overestimated – Magaret Cho

Online Visibility is all about finding a way to make people notice your business presence on the internet. They are millions of businesses online today, and your business is probably one! But the disturbing question is; is your business visible? Can your target audience find you when they search? Does your business appear on social media and search engine results?

It wouldn’t be too dramatic to say VISIBILITY comes before sales

Trust me…

It does!

It’s not enough to be online, you’ve got to be ‘VISIBLE’ so you can be ‘FIND-ABLE’ by your target audience to sell your products!

You are thinking now, so how do I go about my business online visible? How do I make my target audience find me when they search for the products I sell? How can my business appear on search engines or social media results pages?

Even if you are deep down the rabbit hole already, worry no further! Just keep reading…



  1. GET YOUR BUSINESS LISTED ON ‘GOOGLE MY BUSINESS’:  this is a big way to key start your Online Visibility; Google My Business(GMB) is a free, easy-to-use tool that helps businesses manages their online presence and appearance in Google Search and Google Maps.

xprexweb google business online visibility

Having your business listed on Google my Business is the most important step to take when starting up your business online; it gives your audience the most important information about your business which is; your business name, address and phone number at a glance. Getting your business listed on Google my business is in these few simple steps

Step 1: Go to in a web browser. You can use any web browser on PC or Mac.

Step 2: Click Start Now. It’s the green icon in the upper-right corner, and below the text on the web page.

Step 3: Type the name of your business then click Next. Click the line below the header that says “Business name” and type the name of your business. Click the blue-button that says “Next”.

Step 4: Fill out your location information. The next page is where you enter your address. Use the pull-down menu to select what country you are from. Use the next line to type your street address. The third line is where you type your city. Use the pull-down menu to select your state, and type your zip code (if you live in the US). There is also a checkbox at the bottom for you to check if you deliver goods to your customers. Click “Next” when you finish filling out the form.

Step 5: Type a business category. Use the line below the text on the page to type what kind of business your run. As you type, you will see a list of matching categories. Click the correct category as soon as you see it. Click “Next” when you are finished.

Step 6: Type your phone number and website. The next page is for your contact information. Use the first line to type your phone number. Use the pull-down menu in front of this line to select what country you are from. Then use the second line to type the URL for your website. Click “Next” when you are ready to continue.

Step 7: Select whether you want to stay in the know. Click the radial button next to “Yes” or “No” if you want Google to send you tips on how to improve your presence on Google. Click “Next” when you are ready to continue.

Step 8: Click Continue. It’s the blue button at the bottom of the screen. This will confirm that you are authorized to manage the business listing.

Step 9: Click Mail. It’s the blue button below the text asking you to select a verification method. Google will send you a postcard with a 5 digit code. You can now go to and log in to manage your business listing. Certain features will be locked until you verify your location with the 5 digit code on the postcard.

Step 10: Verify your location. When the postcard with the 5-digit code arrives in the mail, go to and click “Verify location” in the sidebar to the left. Type the 5-digit code in the line that says “Enter code” and click “Verify”. This will unlock all the features of the Google business website and allow you to fully manage your business listing.



  1. KNOW HOW TO GET THE PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAILS OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: this is another  big way to build your Online Visibility . find a way to reach your target audience is one important strategy of marketing; we have taken out time to provide this solution for free, log on to the simple steps to get the contacts of your target audience. You may ask what I do with these contacts? Well, it helps create awareness of your products in a more personalized way. You can send a bulk SMS or emails to these target audience about your product.

The good news?

You can also get the contacts of your target audience within your localization and also send them a message about your product and how they can find you within that locality. This is a more personalized way to reach out to potential customers. Click here to get started


  1. OPERATE AN OPTIMIZED SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT: this is another  big way to build your Online Visibility ; Just as you need to optimized your business on search engines so your audience can find you, so it is for social media too.

This also helps your business pop up when customers are searching for the kind of products you sell. Your business profile must be the same across all social media platforms you operate.

Having a uniform bio and profile pictures makes it easy for your target audience to identify your brand wherever they see it. To get more help on how to optimize your social media profile chat with our agent for guide


  1. CREATE CONTENT, MANAGE AND ENGAGE FOLLOWERS: Content is everything, these are how your target audience or followers find your brand valuable. You need to be able to create engaging content, manage and engage your followers. Examples of post ideas that can drive engagement are:
  2. Fill in the blanks: this draws engagement as your followers are eager to fill in the correct answers to your post. This invariably drives interaction.
  3. Caption This: Uploading a post and simply writing “caption this “and let followers give a creative caption to your image or videos. This will help them interact more with your post.
  4. Ask For Opinions: You can ask your followers for their opinion on a subject matter related to your industry. This is a good way to drive engagement.
  5. Polls: This is an engaging and fun way to gather the opinions of your audience and get them to interact with you. You can also use twitter pool.

Twitter Polls: twitter supports polls really; this makes it easy for you to gather responses. You can also create other polls that are related to popular conversations or events, also remember to include relevant hashtags to increase visibility. You can also link to your poll to your other social media platforms to drive traffic and also increase conversations.

v). This vs. that: Keep it fun and simple let your audience choose between two options

vi). Ask Questions: Asking questions is a great way to interact with your audience; it keeps them engaged and glued to your page.


  1. MAKE YOU CONTENT MORE VISIBLE ORGANICALLY: this is another  big way to build your Online Visibility; After creating valuable content, getting it seen by your audience is an important factor. You need to use relevant hashtags in your industry so your business can pop up organically when your target audience searches for your business on social media platforms.

This also helps you gain more followers especially on social sites like Instagram. Mobile monkey recently published an article on how to get more followers on Instagram some of which includes using relevant hashtags for your contents. This is how people can find and follow your business.


  1. POP UP ON GOOGLE RELATIVELY TO THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVE: this is another  big way to build your Online Visibility; your target audience is searching for you (solution to their problems) via the search engine. If your business is already listed on Google my business you need to optimize the platform so people can see your business whenever they search for products related to what you sell.

The more Google knows about you, the more types of searches your GMB listing can appear in.


Here are few tips to help you optimize your business listing on Google my business.

another  big way to build your Online Visibility;

 Upload images on your GMB page: “Businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions to their location from users on Google, and 35% more clicks through to their website than businesses that don’t have photos.”

Respond to all reviews: the reviews on your GMB page can go a long way to determine if more customers are likely to buy from you. Check out some of these statistics by local consumer review 

Before making purchasing decisions, customers take into consideration the reviews and opinions of others on your GMB page.

We all do it.

And we do it often!

We want to know the experiences of others who have used the products we are want to buy. Always leave a response to the reviews on your page. Positive reviews leave a good impression on your business and should be easy to respond to.

Do not always shy away from the one-star rating and negative reviews; you need to respond as well. The people leaving it deserves it and the people reading needs it. You should calmly and rationally address negative reviews.

If you need more tips on how to address and engage with negative reviews, I recommend reading this book by Jay Baer hug your haters.


Use post to promote to promote events, offers and content: this is another  big way to build your Online Visibility; in 2017, Google rolled out Google posts to businesses Your contents(blogs, articles, eBooks, upcoming events, special offer or product promotion) can now show up on Google search and Google maps in your business knowledge panel, you now post whatever you want your audience to know about you, your products or services.

If you are not convinced already about the impact of Google post your business then check out this quote from Google 

“Seventy percent of people look at multiple businesses before making a final choice. With Posts, you can share timely, relevant updates right on Google Search and Maps to help your business stand out to potential customers. And by including custom calls-to-action directly on your business listing, you can choose how to connect with your customers.”

Upload Videos: statistics have shown that videos have the highest form of engagement. There is no better to interact and share information with your audience than through videos.

If your business is not leveraging on video content, it had better start now! Once you got your marketing videos ready, upload to your Google my business page! GMB just rolled out the feature of uploading videos to your page

It’s relatively new. leverage it!

  1. Extensive Sales and Brand awareness 

8 .   Having a website: Compulsory tool to build your Online Visibility;  you need an online presence with User-Friendly designs, that serve as an automation system and beyond that speaks the language of the search engine, enabling your target audience to connect to you. To get a sleek and user-friendly website you can chat with any of our agents or visit to use our live chat support.


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