To learn digital marketing as a beginner it’s a great deal to start with google digital skills where you will be exposed to the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Are you looking to grow your career by getting the Digital Marketing Skills employers look for to succeed online?

Take the first step to learn digital marketing as a beginner for free is to sign up  free Google Digital Skills for Africa online marketing course

The Digital Skills for Africa program is a foundational digital marketing course developed by Google to start you off on the right path to succeed online.

It’s a Free online marketing training for you to get the digital skills you need to get employment, grow your career or business.

There are 23 topics with 89 short course videos online designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of Digital Marketing and to help you learn at your pace.

What’s more, once you complete the course you get a certificate endorsed by Google and the IAB (International Advertising Board) in Europe to add to your CV to enhance your chances of finding a job or just grow your confidence online.

Do you also know making sales online is not a Rocket Science?

You are just two steps away

1. Click here to get Phone Numbers and Emails of your target audience

2. Click here to Learn how to make yourself visible for your target audience to reach you.



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