What is social media marketing
This is described as the use of social media platforms to promote a product or service. Social media is one of the most powerful means of engaging potential clients and to increase your brand awareness.

How do you leverage social media to help grow your business

  1. TALK ABOUT YOUR BRAND; let your followers know what your brand is all about, tell them how your brand can help solve the problem they have….let it be in their faces at all times.
    This is the best way to leverage social media. You have to post interesting and valuable content for your audience and to keep your post relevant, you have to communicate with your followers in the comment section. And also post consistently.
    Another way is to use hashtags and use a good one. Use a hashtag that is easy to spell and easy to remember.

Communicating with your followers helps them recognize your brand.
Your comment and compliment when necessary, you can go live to respond to their questions, and talk to them. You can also create an offer or do giveaways so as to earn their trust.

It takes lots of time and effort to attract visitors to your page or website.
When you run paid/sponsored ads, more people other than your followers gets to see it and when they click to visit your site/ page, more traffic is being generated.

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